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Minimalism is very much in vogue today. Shows like The Minimalists: Less is Now and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have sparked a new wave of minimalism and more people are looking for decluttering tips and how to declutter their homes.

Minimalism is about more than just getting rid of extra stuff in your home, it is about decluttering your mind and creating a more simple, easy way to live. If you are looking around right now and thinking of 100 different ways to declutter your home, you are not alone. But just remember a big part of how to declutter your home is to consider waste disposal near me.

Here’s the best formula for decluttering a large, overwhelming space:

1. Begin by removing things that are easiest to remove.

Fill several bags/boxes with items you can throw away quickly and easily after scanning the area. Taking the low-hanging fruit is all that’s required right now. At this point, you need quick and easy decisions. Get rid of the things you don’t want anymore that are already in plain sight.

2. Get rid of the bigger items next.

Next, remove large items that take up a lot of space. Things like cardboard boxes, furniture, large tools, and anything that is difficult to store. While we understand that large items can sometimes be more difficult to dispose of, it is important to start here. The quickest way to declutter a room is to remove the largest items at the very beginning. As you continue, the visible progress will motivate you.

3. Break up your large space into bite-sized challenges.

Once you have removed the large and easy items, you should begin the methodical process of going through your space. You can break down your project by using natural physical boundaries, such as a shelf, a drawer, an entire wall, or even one box at a time. Don’t try to tackle the project all at once. Focus on one small area at a time.

Organise your waste disposal

A great way to get rid of old junk ranging from newspapers and magazines to garden waste and even furniture and white goods is to look for skip bins. When it comes to waste disposal, skip bins are the best way to rapidly declutter your home – and Access Waste Management makes it simple to hire skip bins.

Ordering skip bins is a great motivator. By having a giant bin on-site you are more likely to load it up with all of your junk. If you need waste disposal near me, you can book online with Access Waste and have your skip bin delivered within 24 hours.