Waste Oil Disposal Perth

waste oil disposal

Access Waste Oil Disposal Perth offers a safe and environmentally sound solution for waste oil disposal and associated by-products. We provide a cradle-to-cradle recycling solution and importantly our process produces no waste and significantly reduces the need for both oil and fossil fuel imports. Offering both a scheduled and a call-out service, your waste is collected safely and transferred to our licensed facilities, ensuring complete regulatory compliance.

We also offer a range of products to facilitate safe waste oil storage and management, including bunded oil tanks, spill decks, drums and oil spill kits. Access Waste offers a complete solution for the collection of hazardous waste from garages and dealerships, car dismantlers, body shops, engineering, manufacturing and industrial companies. We offer a reliable, safe and compliant service, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Complete Confidence

waste oil disposal perth

We can provide the appropriate bins and containers and, once collected, we track all waste to its final destination, ensuring 100% traceability at all times. Where necessary a certificate of industrial waste treatment is issued and our expert customer service team can help with any reporting needs. Our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (D.G.S.As) can also identify and advise on the safe, compliant storage of waste and offer solutions for non-standard hazardous wastes

We provide a complete waste oil disposal & collection service for the Perth metro area, supporting all mechanical workshops, fleets, and car service centres, and can also deal with your hydraulic oils and hoses. We are focused on the reduction of the negative environmental impact caused by the disposal of hydrocarbon wastes and are keen to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. Access Waste’s fleet will collect the waste oil/empty containers as and when requested by the customer or via a pre-arranged schedule.

Our drivers will supervise the loading of the vehicle and document all containers by size and quantity. A copy of this Document approved collection note will be left with the customer for their records. Drivers are trained in spill response and delivery and collection vehicles carry spill response spill kits.

Once on board, waste is transported to one of our consolidation stations in Perth where the waste oil is pumped into bulk holding tanks to await collection by our licensed waste oil recyclers.

Convenient Economical Pricing Options

waste oil collection

We offer a monthly collection package starting from just $65 which includes the first 200L of waste oil. (*Terms and conditions apply)

In addition to removing your waste oil, we can also dispose of empty drums and pallets and other waste streams. Just call our friendly customer service team for more information.


A1 Reconditioned steel 205-litre drums

1,000 Ltr IBCs fully cleaned and ready for re-use

To arrange a collection call 0863779660, email us or complete the online enquiry form.

Different Types of Waste Oil Disposal Perth

waste oil collection perth

The different types of waste oil disposal Perth are:

  • Used Cooking Oil (UCO)
    UCO or used cooking oil should not be disposed of in your household recycling bin. Collect old or used cooking oil in a container and drop it off at an oil-accepting recycler. Cooking oil in small amounts can be disposed of in garden composts.
  • Used Motor Oil (Sump Oil)
    Used motor oil, also known as “sump oil,” should not be disposed of in household recycling or garbage bins because it can pollute waterways and soils. Even if it becomes dirty, used oil can be cleaned and reused. When changing the oil in your car or other motors like lawnmowers, boats, or chainsaws, make sure to properly dispose of it.

Benefits of Waste Oil Disposal Perth

The benefits of waste oil disposal Perth are:

  1. Provides a Valuable, Low-Cost, and Dependable Source of Renewable Energy
    Oils are a dependable source of energy because they do not expire. It is economical to use recycled oil as fuel because it can help people save money on their heating and energy bills. Recycling used oil also requires less energy than processing raw materials, resulting in cost savings overall.
  2. Removes the Possibility of Causing Environmental Damage
    Recycling and reusing used oil reduces the risk of oil causing environmental damage due to glasshouse gas emissions and contamination of water systems, land, and agricultural fields. Recycling used oil into biodiesel, for example, has a lower carbon footprint than producing the same amount of virgin oil. According to studies, using biodiesel can help reduce glasshouse gas emissions from industries and vehicles by 90% or more.
  1. Reduced Drainage Repair and Cleaning Costs
    Re-refining is regarded as the most effective method of controlling drainage repair and clean-up costs. According to reports, hospitals, households, and restaurants have long disposed of used cooking oil down the kitchen drain, which not only amplifies the effects of water and land pollution but also makes drainage and sewer treatment difficult, increasing the costs of repairs and clean-up. It is possible to significantly reduce drainage repair and clean-up costs by recycling used cooking oil.

The Methods of Waste Oil Disposal Perth

Businesses can use oil-stream management services, which include:

  • Supply
  • Storage
  • Collection
  • Recycling

Pouring cooking oil down drains and sinks incorrectly can cause plumbing and environmental issues. Recycling the oil ensures that it is not wasted, that it does not harm the environment, and that it remains part of the circular economy.

When used in engines, oil picks up hazardous contaminants and can pollute water and soil. Return your used motor oil to an empty oil container and recycle it at your local used oil facility. Check with the facility to see if they accept oil filters and oily rags.

A reliable waste oil solutions provider is essential for lowering risks to your site and the environment. Contact us at (08) 6377 9660 or fill out one of these brief forms. We will respond as soon as possible to your request or booking.

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