skip bin app by access waste management

At Access Waste Management, we understand the challenges businesses face when arranging and coordinating their waste management in Perth. That’s why we created a dedicated skip bin app to help streamline the process and deliver cheap skip bin hire services in Perth.

Whether the customer need skip bin hire for their home or business, we are able to manage multiple skips for job sites across the Greater Perth region. The Access Waste skip bin app helps us to book the right skip bin hire service in just seconds.

Access Waste’s easy-to-use app allows the customer to manage orders and delivery sites from their mobile device or pc. So they’ll have peace of mind that their skip bin services will arrive on time. The customer can even enjoy the best possible rates.

The skip bin app was developed in partnership with WasteVantage software. This collaboration has resulted in a highly functional skip-hire management app featuring a broad range of capabilities. Designed to simplify and improve waste management tasks, the app offers a streamlined approach for users needing skip bin services.

Our Skip Bin App Benefits

The benefits of using the Access Waste skip bin hire app are:

icon simple invoicing

1. Simplified Invoicing and Payment
Manage invoices and record customer sales. It includes the ability to use secure digital platforms like Stripe.

icon custom pricing

2. Custom Pricing
All skip bin orders don’t have the same pricing model. Automate your pricing based on the skip bin types that customer order.

icon ordering

3. Rapid Re-Ordering
The Access Waste app will remember your recent orders and allow you to almost instantly re-order to the same job sites and destinations.

icon gps fleet management

4. GPS Fleet Management
Track skip truck location, route, and speed in real-time. Get more insight into drivers’ behaviour to better your business decisions.

icon delivery management

5. Delivery Zone Management
Does your business have job sites spread throughout Perth? No problem. Our app allows you to manage your skip bin delivery for all locations in one app.

icon bin inventory management

6. Bins Inventory Management
Keep track of all the skip bins you have on job sites through Perth from the app. Record the process of ordering, storing, and using the company’s skip bin inventory.

icon efficient bin changeover

7. Efficient Bin Changeover
If your bin(s) are starting to fill up early, you can quickly order an early pickup and changeover so there are no delays or disruptions to your work.

icon simplify interface

8. Simplified Interface
The easy-to-use app means you can order, manage and change your orders rapidly while also having the ability to quickly review delivery and pickup details.

icon monthly statement

9. Monthly Statements
Manage your cash flow and BAS requirements effectively with itemised monthly statements. Maintain your balance and meet your tax obligations.

icon customer relationship management

10. Customer Relationship Management
Analyse customer data to better their experience with your business. You can give them a personalised offer that’s tailored based on their ordering behaviour.

The Access Waste App Makes Skip Bins Ordering Simple

We understand your time is valuable and don’t want you to waste it on the phone managing skip bin orders. The app lets you manage your bin hire at any time of day or night. The name of the game is automation.

Get a notification when your skip bin is on-site, or order a bin change in just a click. If you hire a skip bin for residential use, you are provided with delivery and pickup notifications. This can decrease unwanted waste dumping in your hired bin.

Additionally, customers can receive reorder coupons from time to time for discounts on the next delivery. This is a game-changer for commercial clients in terms of time savings as multiple bins can be ordered with multiple deliveries and pick-up locations.

By increasing your skip bin management efficiency, you can provide better prices and better service. And eventually, your customer will always come back to work with you.

With the bin app, you can also have access to many skip bin suppliers for partnership.

If your company want to take advantage of our skip bin app, don’t be shy to contact us. We can hook you up.

Earn Rewards from Frequent Use of the App

The more you use the Access Waste skip bin app, the more you will be rewarded. We issue sales coupons and discounts to businesses that regularly use our service for the rubbish and waste bins across Perth.

Our rates are already highly competitive and with these sales coupons, you will be able to enjoy cheap skip bin hire services in Perth without sacrificing any quality.